Conscious Self

The self is the most important person in one’s life; therefore, one must do certain rituals for the self to keep it functioning at optimum. Yoga is a self-management guide that everyone needs to keep on track.

Everyone desires and dreams to fulfill them; however, only a few can reach what they desire and dream about. What is so special about those who reach what they want? The answer is – “They are Conscious.”

A tree requires grounding roots to soar to a height; likewise, we need a conscious body and mind to grow fully in all aspects and experience each ounce of life. is your guide to help you overcome obstacles to achieve your conscious self. Desires and Dreams for the future or The memories of the past are repeatedly broadcasted in the human mind, which does not allow us to experience the present. To make the most of this present moment, the frequency of this broadcast needs to be reduced and eventually stopped.

Too much thinking creates knots in the brain, which obstruct blood flow, block neural pathways, and deteriorate brain function. Brain cells get deprived of oxygen, and the nervous system breaks down in extreme cases.

The nervous system is the boss of all bodily functions. It links the body to the brain. Nervous breakdown affects the body’s functions poorly which further affects mental health.

Body and mind are inseparable. The mind lives in each cell of the body. The mind controls the body; having poor mental health affects bodily functions and vice versa. So we must take care of the Body and Mind at all times.

Life can be intense at times. The brain thinks nonstop to find solutions. This intense thinking turns into stress, anxiety, and depression. It is essential to acknowledge slight tension in the head there and then. Once acknowledged, nip it in the bud; it does not belong to you.

Tension is tangled thoughts. Do not be a victim of thoughts; rather, tame them to find a way out of the problem. How? Yoga offers Contemplation; use it. Contemplation is watching your thoughts consciously for understanding and clarity. Once you relax and contemplate, you discover a solution.

A famous saying is – “It is all in the Mind.” Your mind can be your best friend, or your mind can be your worst enemy. The choice is ours, how you use it.

Yoga is a tool that disciplines the mind and body to remain conscious, alert, and awake. It is designed for our benefit, so we must use it.

What are the benefits of the Conscious mind and Body?

  1. It boosts confidence to a higher level.
  2. It improves immunity and overall health.
  3. It develop physical and mental endurance and stamina.
  4. It helps in developing emotional as well as intuitive intelligence.
Yoga of life.

How to be conscious?

Life is very demanding. Children are stuck in the cycle of school and exams. Adults are stuck in the cycle of working to pay the bills. Elders are stuck in the cycle of medications and hospitals. Each phase of life is challenging; the question is, where do we find time to practice consciousness?

The answer is NOW. Now is the only moment we have. There is no past, no future, and our only reality is this present moment. Past and present have existence in the mind only in the form of memories and dreams. Now is the only reality we have. We are conscious when we accept this reality and gist with the present.

We can be present while meeting our needs, goals, and targets. Life slowly slips like sand from the fist. The only way to hold sand more an extended period is by relaxing the fingers open. The same theory applies to life. Learning

the art of conscious relaxation brings the scattered energy into balance and helps us to enjoy each moment.



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