We need a conscious body and a conscious mind to experience each ounce of life. Consciousbconsciousm.com is your guide to help you overcome your obstacles to achieve your conscious self. Desires and Dreams for the future or The memories of the past are repeatedly broadcasted in the human mind, which does not allow the present to happen. To make the most of this present moment, the frequency of this broadcast needs to be reduced.

Too much thinking creates knots in the brain, these knots obstruct blood flow and block neural pathways. Consequently, brain cells get deprived of oxygen and the nervous system breaks down.

The nervous system is the boss of all bodily functions. It links the body to the brain. Nervous breakdown affects the body’s functions poorly which further affects mental health. Also, the mind controls the body; having poor mental health affects bodily functions. So take care of both.

Body and mind are inseparable. Therefore, always acknowledge the mind with the body. Life can be intense at times as a result brain thinks no stop. This intense thinking turns into stress, anxiety and depression. It is important to acknowledge slight tension in the head and nip it in the bud. Tension is tangled thoughts. Watch these thoughts consciously for understanding and clarity. Allow yourself to relax more often for your own benefit. It all starts in the head and it all ends there.

The supreme purpose of life is to live a healthy balanced life with a conscious body and conscious mind.

Dance consciously on the rhythm of life.

How to be conscious?

Life is very demanding. Children are stuck in the cycle of school and exams. Adults are stuck in the cycle of working to pay the bills. Elders are stuck in the cycle of medications and hospitals. Each phase of life is challenging.

While meeting the needs, goals and targets life slowly slips like sand from the fist. The only way to hold sand for a longer period is by relaxing the fingers open; the same is life. learning the art of conscious relaxation in intense moments brings the scattered energy into balance, and helps us to enjoy each moment while filling the needs of the time.

Read Consciously. . .

  1. Recognise that life is another name for problems. There is always going to be something, therefore, do not stop living.
  2. When an incident happens, focus on finding the solution than sitting there and crying-“why me?” know that it is not you, it happens to every single person. Everyone has their story.
  3. Believe in yourself. Know that you are beautiful inside and out and you deserve to be happy. Know that life can be hard but you can find solutions for every hard problem.
  4. It is not about how bad the spill is, it is about how quickly you clean it.
  5. Focus on your breath each time you need clarity. Meditate on a daily basis for the Mind.
  6. Do some form of exercise or Yoga Asana for physical fitness.
  7. Shake off worries as soon as you catch them taking over you and remind yourself of the above 6 steps each day. One day you will reach the stage when you become fully conscious.

Seema Berwal

Work, chores and demanding life are not a problem when the conscious mind is working on them. A healthy mind is awake, aware and conscious. A healthy body supports a healthy mind. Yoga, meditation, a balanced diet, and a good night’s sleep are essential for a conscious body and conscious mind.

A conscious person enjoys every moment.



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