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How to stay younger and stress free?

Everyone wants to stay young forever; it is possible. Let’s find out how?

Eat well! Sleep well! Exercise well! 

Everyone knows that, right? Getting there is difficult because an underlying factor known as stress interferes with everything. Stress causes aging. To get on top of everything, we need to leave stress behind.

Easier said than done, however possible.

Life is a series of events, either good or bad. It is human nature to be happy in pleasant moments and sad in unpleasant moments. Everyone wants sunny days to last forever and live in a fairy tale that bad only happens to others. However, the reality is different. 

Life treats all the same. Everyone has to go through their share of suffering. There is no exception. There are always going to be difficulties and challenges. “Let’s learn not to bother and work on finding solutions.”

The second big problem is “Reminiscence.” There is a problem with all of us. We have a background reel playing in our minds 24 by 7, sometimes pleasant and sometimes distressing. I observed it when I first started to meditate. OMG, I could not even focus on my breath for a short period, like one bloody minute. I sat determined to focus on my breath and my body, but each time I failed miserably. I discovered that the mind loves to live in the past or dream about the future. I discussed it with my teacher, and she said, “It is normal.” Every one of us has the same problem. We do not notice it when we are too absorbed in our everyday routine. We realize it when we decide to be aware, mindful, and observant.

Try a conscious moment now; you will know what I am talking about.

Just relax and sit comfortably, bring your awareness to the nose and watch the breath going in and out of the body. Experience this moment when you connect to your breath and know yourself.

The people who live in the present make the most out of life.

The mind gets tired of too much thinking, especially about the unpleasant past. There is a science behind it – When something terrible happens, the body releases cortisol, which gives us an extra kick to deal with that incident. The body goes into fight or flight mode. This hormonal dysfunction shuts the kidneys; the heart and lungs shrink, the brain gets deprived of oxygen, and body cells start dying. It also disturbs digestion, absorption, and elimination; as a result, toxins build up in the body, and we age before age. 

Reminiscence is ok for some time; however, overindulgence in sad memories is harmful. Past incidents take a toll on the body. The body releases the same hormones each time we re-live the past in our thoughts. Some of us keep dwelling on the same episode for years, which means years of living in parasympathetic mode. Consequently, diseases start to harbour in the dark areas of the body. Then we blame the universe for choosing us for all the pain, heartbreaks, and illnesses in the world. 

No, my dear universe did not pick you for the pain and disease. It was your choice. Sounds bitter but true. The universe works on a set law –

Laws of living. This suffering is the consequence of breaking the rules of the universe. When we constantly dwell in sadness, we tend to start shallow breathing, which means the lungs cannot supply enough oxygen to the blood; consequently, the digestive system gets stuffed. 

For the Liver, stress is as harmful as alcohol; every negative emotion causes significant damage to its function. Gallstones, liver cirrhosis, and fatty Liver develop from years of stress, unhealthy diet, and lifestyle. 

The fact is, the universe wants you to be happy, Always! 

No matter what life brings, accept it and live through it. It is ok to cry for a moment. It is ok to vent out to friends, and it is ok to seek help from therapists. It is ok to be not ok for a bit. However, do not let sadness be part of your personality for a more extended period.

Another enemy – “It was not me; it was that person….” This is called “Blame Business.” We are accountable for all of what has happened. 

Point one finger out to someone, threefold in towards you.

Forgive and move on!

Make your mistakes, your teacher!

Avoid patterns that do not serve You!

Be your best friend and start taking care of yourself!

Continuously, work on becoming a better version of yourself!

Each day, work on adding virtues to your character. By doing so, the stress level drops, and the happiness parameter rises. You start living in permanent bliss. Calm, relaxed, joyful, and carefree, yet energetic and enthusiastic. You possess clarity of mind, wisdom, kindness, and understanding toward everyone you meet. 

Stay conscious of your thoughts. Each time you catch stress in your head, drop it off there and then. It’s not worth carrying the weight that makes you old and wrinkly before age. Replace worry with contemplation. 

Open to the possibilities of life; you can create what you desire.

Use these inner qualities to stay forever young and shine inside out.

Love and Light


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