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What is Meditation?

Dhayana is the 7th limb of Ashtanga Yoga.

Dhyana is Meditation. After establishing total concentration, a Yogi progresses to the next level of meditation on the divine consciousness to discover the ultimate truth.

Yogis say; meditation should not be performed on some physical form or object. It can be a distraction. The God is within. It is omnipresent universal energy that sustains the entire cosmos. That entire cosmos is within you so work on knowing yourself to know God. Meditation 🧘‍♀️ is a great tool in the process.

Our objective in coming to the earth is to know ourselves. This “self-realization” is achieved through meditation. 

There should only be one objective, live each day to the fullest with joy, happiness, and unconditional love; each night, say to yourself, “I have known myself a little more today”. 

Knowing the world is not that important. The world is an illusion. It is only the reflection of our mind. It is what we perceive, and this perception is based on the samskara/imprints on the mind and the soul. The truth is not outside, it is inside. 

“If we attach the mind with Peace, Peace comes to us; if we attach the mind with tension or worry, Worry/depression come to us. It is the universal law of attraction”. This art of self-realisation is Meditation.   

Now is the moment. Any pain, physical or emotional discomfort, address it now. Unaddressed emotions or bodily symptoms get built up over time and become the hindrance on your path of self-realisation. “Meditation is an art of releasing the build-up physical, mental and emotional toxins, untying knots and knowing the pure self, dwelling in this body”.

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