What is Yoga?

Many people already know, What yoga is? However, many people do not know. In this article, we will find out what yoga is. After a few minutes of reading, you will have a good idea of yoga and why people rave about it.

The word yoga comes from Sanskrit, a language that is considered the world’s oldest language. The Sanskrit word Yuj means “To Yoke.” Therefore, yoga means joining, connecting, and becoming one with the universe. Regular yoga practice aligns one’s body, mind, and spirit with universal energy. It is a technique to know oneself inside out.

A yoga practitioner trains his body on the rhythm of his breath to gain peace, power, and longevity. Slowly he moves towards more profound sadhana/practices, which further help him know himself and the creation.


Yoga is inclusive. It accepts all as part of universal creation.
A farmer tames two Ox, yokes them together for farming, and cultivates the field. Likewise, a yogi tames his monkey mind, gathers his scattered bodily energy, and unites them together to develop higher awareness.

Is Yoga a Religion?

No, Yoga is not a religion. It is the outcome of years of research. Our ancient people/Yogis conducted this research, seeking answers to health, peace, longevity, and enlightenment, and discovered Yoga. It is a complete science that is based on energy. The energy that sustains the world and channels through each of us without discrimination of color, cast, or creed. It is universal and accessible to all.

Yoga is for all. Yes, its roots are in India. It is said that there was no religion in the world at the time of the Yogic period; only humanity existed. During the period of wars, scriptures were burnt. Yogis were killed. What we have now is only 84 asanas found in a rotten book. Many enlightened beings have treasured this wisdom for us and the coming generations.

Various Paths of Yoga

  • Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of Devotion.
  • Karma Yoga – Yoga of Perfection in Action.
  • Hatha Yoga – Yoga of Balance of (Ha = Sun and Tha = Moon) Prana.
  • Ashtanga Yoga – Yoga of Eightlimbs (Asht = Eight, Anga = Limbs).
  • Dhyan Yoga– Yoga of Meditation.
  • Nada Yoga – Yoga of complete absorption of the mind in Nada (internal sound).
  • Jyana Yoga – Yoga of knowledge.
  • Kundalini Yoga – Yoga of rising the serpent power, Kundalini.
  • Kriya Yoga – Yoga of movement. (Kriya = activity or action).
  • Raja yoga – Yoga of Self-realisation.
  • Tantra Yoga – Yoga of Tantra. (Tantra = A machine/technology/system ex. Digestive system) (Tantra is something that converts/transforms, a symmetrical drawing on a piece of wood or a metal transforms the negative into a positive).

Meaning of Yoga in various books

  • Yoga is life.
  • Yoga is Discipline.
  • Yoga is a Lifestyle.
  • Yoga is a conceptualization of living a Disease-Free Life. 
  • Yoga is a sovereign remedy for all illnesses. 
  • Yoga is the most glorious spiritual wisdom leading to “Aatma Saksatkar” self-realization.

Yoga is considered the most predominant way of overall personality development. It purifies the body, mind, and senses, freeing them from ailments and toxins. It enables us to rise above body and mind to connect with our inner self/Soul.

Yoga is a scientifically proven, evidence-based science mediates the mind, body, senses, and spirit. It teaches us to know ourselves. It gives clarity to the mind and sharpens memory. It helps to eradicate bodily ailments.

Regular yoga asana and pranayama (along with the other six limbs) even eradicate the past life karmas and evokes the Kundalini Shakti (Spiritual Powers).

“The body is the Chariot; the Soul is the passenger; the five senses are the five horses, and the Mind is Sarathi (the driver). When mind, body, and senses are hundred percent, the Soul unites with the Supreme Soul”. This Union is Yoga.

Union of Mind and Heart is possible through Yoga.
Union of Mind and Heart is possible through Yoga.


Patanjali Yoga Sutra begins with-

Atha Yoganushasanam. – Atha means now. Anushasanam means Discipline.

The Father of Yoga, Maharishi Patanjali, puts a great emphasis on diligently following the eightfold path (Ashtanga Yoga) of Yoga to attain this state of divine Union within, where there is “Shonya” (Zero/The state of nothingness).

This state of shoonya is “ParaAvastha,” Full Enlightenment. It is the state where the mind and body become fully conscious. In this state, there is no past, no future; only this moment exists. Yoga is practicing divine Union within, in this very moment.

Determination, Dedication, and Discipline make it possible. Read a few good yoga books for better understanding and help.

Must read Yoga Books

Yoga – Ancient Heritage, Tomorrow’s Vision

It is an excellent book for a beginner as well as a practitioner. This book explains why we do it, How we do it, and What benefit we get from a yoga pose? The author has poured her lifetime experiential knowledge into this book for you to grow deeper in your yoga practice.

Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha

A Great Book! It covers all the essential yoga poses, their benefits and clear instructions to get in and out of yoga postures. This book contains knowledge of Mudra, Bandhas and Pranayama, which is the base of Yoga.

A Systematic Course in the Ancient Techniques of Yoga and Kriya

Must-Have Book! This book helps you progress day by day. Designed consciously to help you achieve the goal starting from zero.

Hata Yoga Pradipika

This ancient text contains Sanskrit scripts, which are translated into English for you. This raw and organic text is essential for all yoga practitioners.

Inner Engineering

This is a life-changing text. We are so used to pointing our index finger towards others and forget about the other three fingers pointing back. This book helps us see those three fingers. Honestly, this will change your life and will help you grow in your spiritual journey.

The Benefits you will reap from these five books can not be described in words. Enjoy!
It is possible to find peace in chaos.

What is the use of Yoga in today’s modern life?

  • Yoga helps you relax in the body, it helps you relax in your mind, it helps you relax in every uncomfortable life situation. 
  • Yoga improves digestion, Respiratory System, the Nervous System, Circulatory System.
  • Yoga improves Skin, strengthens the Muscular System, and makes the body flexible.
  • Yoga calms the mind and improves the function of the five sense organs (Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue, and Skin). 
  • Yoga gives clarity to make conscious and wise decisions in day-to-day life. 
Try it Now! 
Just one-hour session a day. The rule is simple, The more you do, the more you get. 

All you need is a Yoga Mat and a quiet place to start. Start experiencing yourself, connect with yourself, and eradicate your physical and metaphysical ailments with YOGA.

I wish and pray that you grow deeper in your practice to rise above all worldly suffering and shine inside out!

Love and Light


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